Groupon Contact Details

To reach the Groupon customer service phone line with your queries, then you need only contact their dedicated number on 020 3510 0444.

When Groupon first started operations in the United States, local businesses got a boost and customers couldn’t get enough. They have since expanded their operations to include most of the entire world and the world is better for it. Businesses now have a cheap way of reaching their target market without resorting to expensive marketing campaigns and customers now have a website where they can get great local deals from.

Telephone Number for Groupon UK

Groupon is one of the most popular international websites that operate locally, for example the UK Groupon page only focuses on deals in the country. This popularity is due to the generous businesses that promote deals on Groupon as well as their deal-hungry customer-base.

If you’re a customer and you have some things that you’re quite not sure about or when you are interested in deals that tend to be a little bit confusing, then you have the option to call the Groupon customer service line on 020 3510 0444.

Social Media for Groupon UK

Calling someone on the phone can be somewhat bothersome, especially when you would just rather send a short tweet. If you feel like a short tweet is sufficient for your enquiries, then you are welcome to tweet them on their official twitter page @Groupon_UK.

Groupon’s Facebook page may be found at where you learn more about the latest local deals posted by the company and send them feedback.

Email Groupon UK

If the character limit of Twitter is not enough to fit your entire query, then you can choose to send them an email instead. You can email them directly on

You can also use their official website contact form