First Utility Contact Details

If you are contemplating switching from a Big 6 electricity supplier to First Utility, then you better contact them on their customer service & general enquiries phone number 01926 320 700 to get detailed information about their service.

Within any given region, electricity really is just the same. This is because there is a standard that power suppliers must adhere to. Because every supplier is essentially supplying the same electricity, it doesn’t make sense that you have to pay a fixed-price tariff that ultimately overcharges you in the long run. This is why it is important to consider and understand why First Utility is able to offer cheaper electricity.

First Utility Telephone Numbers

To learn more about how First Utility is able to bring you the same kind of electricity without overcharging you, then you can call their enquiries line on 01926 320 700 for more information. If you’re already with First Utility, you can also call this line for customer support, for example if you have been overcharged on your energy bill.

First Utility Live Chat

If calling them is not convenient or if you just prefer not to talk to their customer service representatives, then you can use their live chat option on their official website

First Utility Email

Email is also a very popular convenient method of correspondence over the internet. If you would like to send your feedback or enquiry by email then please send your comments to their official email address

First Utility Social Media

Social media is now one of the best forms of communication online. This is because it’s very convenient for both sender and recipient and everything is in real-time and public, meaning they won’t be able to ignore your enquiry.

To contact First Utility on their Twitter page just send your tweets to @FirstUtility.

You can visit their official Facebook profile to see their posts and videos.

If you would like to watch any or all of their adverts, then head over to their official Youtube channel