CSA Contact Details

When your fairy-tale romance ends and your ex leaves you and the child you have with them, you need to contact the Child Support Agency (CSA) for help – just dial their support phone number 0345 713 3133.

Things don’t always turn out the way we want it. This is a life lesson that we learn growing up through a variety of experiences. Unfortunately, some children are force-fed this very bitter pill early on when a parent abandons them. This abandonment is hard to get past but a steady child support cheque will ensure that they are at least supported financially and it might just keep them from thinking that they are hated by their parent.

Parents don’t always get along and when the hostility reaches its limits, something breaks and most of the time when this happens the children are the ones left confused and helpless. Even if they have already ended their relationship parents can still be civil when discussing things about their children.

This should be the case when setting up a child support plan. There are however plenty of times that negligent parents not only abandon their former lovers but also their children as well. When the CSA takes the case, they will track down the parent in question and obtain child support payments from them.

CSA Phone Numbers

If your child requires child support from a negligent parent, then just call them up on their support line on 0345 713 3133 or on 0345 713 8924 if you’re using a textphone or minicom device. These helplines are only applicable if your case was set up before 2003, if you would like to set up a new case with the CSA or discuss an existing case that was set up after March 2003 then please find your regional office by using this list:

CSA Regional Office UK Phone Number
Scotland & North-East England 0345 609 0042
North-West England & Wales 0345 609 0082
Midlands 0345 609 0062
East England & Northern Ireland 0345 609 0092
South-East England 0345 609 0052
South-West England 0345 609 0072